“LA DEHESA” is the secret behind the BLACKFOOT ham, the jewel of Spain’s gastronomy. It is a natural pastureland of lazy meadows and Mediterranean woods, perfectly suited for breeding. Its Holm oaks, Cork oaks, and Chestnuts provide acorns and nuts, the black pig’s favorite food. The forest floor is clean of shrubs. It favors the growth of aromatic plants like Rockrose, Rosemary, Thyme, Asparagus and Mushrooms, whose flavors also grace our hams. The Dehesa also serves as the pastureland for more than 10 million sheep and goats. The cheese they produce has an extraordinary taste.

The best Iberian ham comes from the nature reserve Parque Natural Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche, a mountainous area in the south- west region of Spain. With its hilly landscape, dense woods and generous rain, this special microclimate gives the ham a distinctive flavor. Just as wine from vineyards in close proximity of each other can be quite different, a ham expert can taste where the ham comes from. Due to its nutritional advantages, it is also an important part of the Mediterranean diet. We know that the curing of hams as a means of conservation is a procedure that was used as early as 300 BC. Since then it has developed into the widely known culinary handicraft we now find on the Iberian peninsula.

If you travel around Sierra de Huelva, you will see happy animals everywhere grazing freely under oak and chestnut trees. This natural park has a rich flora and fauna and is an attractive tourist area with its beautiful landscape and small villages. It is a sustainable tourism based on local inns and restaurants where they serve ham , as well as cured and grilled meat from the Blackfoot pig.


SVARTFOT pigs are breed in a natural reserve park

Based on meticulous research, we chose to source our products mainly from EÌRIZ. Founded in 1842, it is a family business in Corteconcepción, with long and renowned tradition. You can visit Eíriz and join a guided tour of the whole production process, of course with tastings of the Iberian ham, cured and grilled meats, all accompanied by exciting Spanish wines.

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