About us

The idea for the SVARTFOT webshop has matured for a long time. We are two people from different backgrounds but with the same belief that people visiting us should learn lot more about our culinary treasure, the Jamón Ibérico Bellota. All the work behind it and how to choose the best. Svartfot.com will bring you selected natural products from our countryside like cheese and ecological dehydrated tomatoes and mushrooms. We invite you to learn more about the most important, the blackfoot ham, on this website.

Rosa Maria Navarro, from Sierra de Huelva, runs a lodging for tourists in Seville;

To me La Sierra is an oasis of peace and serenity with it´s exuberant nature and friendly people living in sleepy villages. At the local inns, in winter with the heath from burning logs, you will find local dishes such as grilled Iberian meat, wild mushrooms and fragrant «pan de pueblo» from the bakery around the corner. The best we have to offer is clearly our famous acorn Blackfoot Ham. The craft of making ham, in small family farms, is an important part of our economy and essential for us to maintain our easygoing countryside lifestyle. I invite you to come and see for yourself

Rosa Maria

Dag Friis, Norwegian has lived 30 years in Spain working for foreign tv channels;

"When I work with people from all over the world, at the end of the day my task often converts into that of a local guide, especially when it comes to food. The first thing everybody wants to try is the Spanish ham. Some know what it is about, but many have no idea of how much labor and tradition lay behind these thin slices that melt in your mouth. I find it inspiring to start a business that can give a new and better experience of the most exquisite bite Spain has to offer"


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