What characterizes the producers of Jamón Ibérico with Denomination of Origin Jamón de Huelva, Jabugo, is that they are small artisan family run companies with long tradition. EÍRIZ, founded i 1842, is one of these and known to place quality before quantity.

Their BLACKFOOT has a much more space to graze on than required by regulations and spends their whole life on the «Dehesa». EÍRIZ do not use paddocks as more industrial producers do to control their large amount of animals.

In addition to the high quality of the ham Eíriz´s organized guided visits further inspires confidence. You can come and see for your self the Blackfoot on the «dehesa» and learn about the extensive road of the ham from the pig is let out to graze acorns until you can savor it. On these tours all your doubts will be answered and you can ask any question before you are treated with samples of the best selected products.

EÍRIZ continuously receives both national and international prizes for quality and meets all required requirements, and many not required, as DOP, Andalusian Quality certificate and a CO2 certificate. If you have the opportunity we recommend paying a visit.

If you are not already a dedicated blackfootlover you will become one.

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