Our cheeses are made from pasteurized goat´s- and sheep´s milk from herds grazing free in Spain’s wild nature.

SVARTFOT has chosen a handmade WHITE GOAT CHEESE from a small cheesemaker, and again «La Dehesa» is the secret behind its unique flavor. Here the goats graze, in addition to grass and shrubs, rockrose, acorns, thyme, rosemary, blackberrys and mushrooms. The aroma from these plants and fruits, together with centuries of tradition and experience, give us a cheese with a grand personality and a medium sharp taste. On the crust, you can see the pattern left by the small baskets used to press out the whey and to give form to the cheese before it is matured for 6 months and becomes semi-hard. This is a small gem from Sierra de Huelva and combines well with the best Iberian Ham.

The well known MANCHEGO CHEESES are produced from the milk of a race of sheep with the same name, Oveja Manchega, and come from the Castilla- La Mancha region. The most renown «Manchego Curado» is ripened from 6 to 24 months. The long curing period promotes a hard consistency and a sharp taste to the cheese. How hard and spicy you want it is a matter of taste, but a cheese that has been cured for too long can tend to become too firm and sharp. Our Manchego has ripened for 16 months and comes from a cheesemaker who combines traditional values with modern production techniques based around his own livestock. This produces a full, rich, and perfectly firm cheese that will satisfy the most demanding palates.


This is the most typical Spanish cured sausage, and it is best when made from the Iberian pig, with paprika and garlic. As the ingredients are coarsely chopped, you can clearly distinguish the fat and the meat. The consistency is fairly soft, depending on the duration of the curing period which can last from 1 to 3 months. Like salami, it is perfectly fine to consume it raw, but to nordic palates it often seems too soft and oily.  The Chorizo is widely used in typical Spanish dishes, providing a very distinctive taste. At its best, for Northerners it is served grilled or fried, commonly with fried eggs and potatoes. When made from the Blackfoot pig, it has the same health benefits as the Iberian Ham. Like many other national specialties, this is a delicacy you either love... or not


Many consider the PATA NEGRA cured loin to be the noblest product of the Blackfoot pig. As only the intramuscular fat is used, it is lean compared to the ham. Before maturing in a natural intestine casing for 2 months, it is marinated in oil, paprika, salt, lemon and garlic.

A whole Iberian pork loin, a «caña de lomo», is about 70 cm. long and weighs about 1 kg. This is a cured meat of luxury and health, with Omega-9 and a lot of proteins, just like the ham.


In autumn, «La Dehesa», in addition to our jamón and cheese, shows us yet another gastronomic world when a grand variety of mushrooms sprout up on the forest floor. We find as many as 600 different species, among them Boletus, Chanterelle, Black funnel chantearelle, and the exquisite Caesarea mushroom. Picking mushrooms is popular among both visitors and inhabitants of La Sierra, and they are a typical ingredient in different local dishes. They are also picked commercially for drying, a clean natural process that gives us the opportunity to savor these flavors from the Natural Reserve in Sierra de Huelva during the whole year.


Spain is the land of tomatoes and vegetables. Organically grown and dried tomatoes are an esteemed and useful ingredient to have in your cupboard for an infinite number of recipes, and we offer an organic product from Andalucia.


On the Spanish table, tiny crunchy breadsticks are indispensable companions with ham, cured meats and cheeses. Their crisp texture offers a fine contrast to these delicacies melting in your mouth. Our «picos» and «regañas» are baked with olive oil. Add some to your order and give your meal an extra Spanish touch. 

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