WHEN you are about to enjoy our Jamón Ibérico, the temperature of the ham is important. Some will say it should be served at 30C, but a fair room temperature is acceptable. When you take the hand sliced vacuum packed ham from the refrigerator, it is a good idea to temper it in warm water under the tap before you open it. Then let it air some 5-10 minutes before you put it on the table.

The Iberian ham is high-energy food, 375 kcal per 100 g and almost 50% proteins. In comparison beef has 110 kcal and 22 % protein. This means you do not need too many grams per person at the table. Obviously this is very individual, but we will suggest as an appetizer with maybe cheese or olives 15-25 g should be fine. As an important part of a tapas-meal 40-60 g will normally be enough.

RED WINE with the Blackfoot is a traditional combination that most people still swear by. A fine Reserva is always a successful choice to Pata Negra, two giants in taste and aroma that harmonize and complement each other. If you choose a young »tinto», it should be light and be served
cooled. Strong, or young wines easily outweigh the fine taste of the ham. 

Modern gastronomy trends point to a wide range of alternatives to red wine. It is exciting to experiment with white wine, but it should be mature and dry. The taste of a young, light white wine is completely eclipsed by the flavors of an Ibérico Bellota.

Sparkling wines - Champagne and Cava according to «méthode classique», or simpler carbonated wines, whose slightly acidic bubbles enhance the tasting experience, are excellent companions to the Iberian Ham. As with other wines, it is strongly advised to avoid sweet sparkling wines, and to limit the choice to Brut or Sec varieties.

Another popular pairing with our ham is sherry, a fortified white wine. The dry Fino and Manzanilla, from the area of Jerez de Frontera, is particularly recommended. Its penetrating, lingering taste extends the joy of the leaf thin hand sliced Blackfoot.

For those who prefer beer, do not despair. This 6000 year old brew, preferably a blond lager or pilsner , with it ́s sparkling freshness and acidity, fits perfectly to the ham’s rich flavor. And if you want a nonalcoholic drink, an alcohol-free beer is a good alternative to avoid sweet drinks, the mortal enemy of Iberian Ham’s fine taste.

CHEESE AND HAM is a classic combination, and nevermore so than with the Jamón Ibérico. And if you add olives and bread, you have a proper meal. The ham is typically served and combines well with a good cured Manchego. We also offer a tasty white goat cheese from La Sierra which we warmly recommend.  

On the Spanish table «PICOS» and «REGAÑÁS», tiny crunchy breadsticks, are indispensable companions with ham, cured meats and cheeses. Their crisp texture gives a fine contrast to these delicacies melting in your mouth.

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