Chorizo Ibérico, "Jabuguitos" aprx. 650 gr. aprox.


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Chorizo, the most typical Spanish cured sausage, made from the Iberian pig, with paprika and garlic.

As the ingredients are coarsely chopped, you can clearly distinguish the fat and the meat.

The consistency is fairly soft, depending on the duration of the curing period which can last from 1 to 3 months.  

650 grs. (  the weight can vary, therefore we specify the gram ratio.)

9,90 €  unit

10% VAT included

Shipping 24-48 hours.

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Contact us: (34) 687 49 30 88 Rosa Mari


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The Chorizo is widely used in typical Spanish dishes, providing a very distinctive taste.

At its best, for Northerners it is served grilled or fried, commonly with fried eggs and potatoes.

When made from the Blackfoot pig, it has the same health benefits as the Iberian Ham.

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