What characterizes the producers of Jamón Ibérico with Protected Denomination of Origin Jamón de Huelva, is that they are small, family run, artisan companies with long tradition. One of these is EÍRIZ, a company founded in 1842, and known to place quality before quantity

Their BLACKFOOT hogs have considerably more space to graze on than required by regulations and spend  their whole life on the «Dehesa». Unlike more industrial producers, EÍRIZ does not use paddocks to reduce costs and control their large number of animals.

Proud of the high quality of their ham, EÍRIZ also organizes guided tours of the premises. Visitors are welcome to come and see for themselves the Blackfoot on the «dehesa». They also learn about the five year process which begins with the birth of the pig, continues with its open grazing on acorns, mushrooms, olives, and grass, and is not completed until you can savor it. These tours answer all questions and remove any doubts  a visitor might have before being offered generous samples of the  highest quality products.

EÍRIZ is regularly awarded both national and international prizes for quality, and it meets all required regulations and uses the important EU certificate PDO, Protected Designation of Origin. In addition it has the Andalusian Quality certificate and a CO2 certificate.

If you have the opportunity, we sincerely hope you will pay a visit. If you are not already a dedicated Blackfoot lover, you will become one.

You can learn more about EÍRIZ and register for your visit ->HERE<- 

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