White Goat Cheese, mild, 900 gr. unit.

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White goat cheese, 450 gr. Expand

White Goat Cheese, cured 30 days.

This is a tasty, handmade, white goat cheese produced from pasteurized milk by a small artisan cheese maker in Sierra de Huelva.

The goats graze on «La Dehesa», and the acorns and aromatic plants, such as rockrose, mushrooms and berries, mark this cheese.

It matures for 30 days, it is fairly hard and it has  a mild, interesting taste.

Whole small round, apprx. 900 grs.

14,00 €  unit

4% VAT included

Shipping 24-48 hours.

Orders to: cortepatanegra@gmail.com

Contact us: (34)  687 49 30 88 Rosa Mari


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Nutritional Values:

Nutritional values per 100 grams.
Energy 467 kcal
Protein 27,6 g
Fat 39,6 g
Calsium 190 mg
Natrium 790 mg
Magnesium 26 mg
Cholesterol 100 mg


Traces of iodine, potassium, selenium, zinc, Vitaminer B1 og B2.



Our cheeses are made from pasteurized goat ́s- and sheep ́s milk from herds grazing free in Spain’s wild nature.

SVARTFOT has chosen a handmade WHITE GOAT CHEESE from a small cheesemaker, and again «La Dehesa» is the secret behind its unique flavor. Here the goats graze, in addition to grass and shrubs, rockrose, acorns, thyme, rosemary, blackberrys and mushrooms.

The aroma from these plants and fruits, together with centuries of tradition and experience, give us a cheese with a grand personality and a medium sharp taste.

On the crust, you can see the pattern left by the small baskets used to press out the whey and to give form to the cheese before it is matured for 6 months and becomes semi-hard.

This is a small gem from Sierra de Huelva and combines well with the best Iberian Ham.

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