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  • Manchego and Goat Cheese Manchego and Goat Cheese
    Manchego and Goat Cheese

    MANCHEGO CHEESE: We look for balance between consistency and rich flavor. This cheese is made at a tradicional cheese factory with its own sheep in the spanish highlands. The milk is pasteurized and the cheese matured about 16 months. «Manchego Curado» is cured between 6 and 24 months, the longer the cure the harder the cheese and sharper the taste....

    32,99 €
  • Boletus Edulis, dried and sliced, 50 grs. Boletus Edulis, dried and sliced, 50 grs.
    Boletus Edulis Extra , dried and sliced, 30 grs.

    BOLETUS EDULIS, King Bolete, Porcini, Cep, we have many names for things we love. This mushroom picked in Sierra de Huelva has a distinctive smell and taste of forest. It is a basic ingredient in risottos and many other dishes. As the may be most sought and used mushroom it provokes authentic races between pickers when it sprouts in autumn. Boletus...

    5,00 €
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