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  • Manchego and Goat Cheese Manchego and Goat Cheese
    Manchego and Goat Cheese

    MANCHEGO CHEESE: We look for balance between consistency and rich flavor. This cheese is made at a tradicional cheese factory with its own sheep in the spanish highlands. The milk is pasteurized and the cheese matured about 16 months. «Manchego Curado» is cured between 6 and 24 months, the longer the cure the harder the cheese and sharper the taste....

    32,99 €
  • White Goat Cheese 900 grs. White Goat Cheese 900 grs.
    White Goat Cheese 900 grs.

    This is a very tasty, handmade, white goat cheese produced from pasteurized milk by a small artisan cheese maker in Sierra de Huelva. The goats graze on «La Dehesa», and the acorns and aromatic plants, such as rockrose, mushrooms and berries, mark this cheese. It matures for 6 months in olive oil, is semi-hard, and it has a grand personality and a medium...

    34,00 €


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