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  • 100% Iberian Acorn Ham, 100 grs. Vacumpacked 100% Iberian Acorn Ham, 100 grs. Vacumpacked
    100% Iberian Acorn Ham, 100 grs. Vacumpacked.

    This is our preeminent product, hand sliced ham from pure race Iberian pigs. These pigs have grazed free range for their entire life and the hams are cured for 36 to 48 months. The product has PDO, and is black-labeled. This supreme quality product can only be found, if at all, in the finest gourmet boutiques, at exorbitant prices. This is truly the...

    18,00 €
  • Handsliced 50% Iberian CC 100 gr. Handsliced 50% Iberian CC 100 gr.
    Handsliced 75 % Iberian Ham 100 gr.

    This ham from Blackfoot pigs, 75% iberian breed, is an excellent quality product. Our pigs graze free range on the dehesa, with access to the acorns . A less expensive product with slightly milder taste compared to the 100% Bellota, but with the exercise, grazing and first class feed it has the taste and the advantages of the famous hams from Sierra de...

    13,00 €
  • Jabuguitos Jabuguitos
    Chorizo Ibérico, "Jabuguitos" apprx. 250 gr.

    Chorizo, the most typical Spanish cured sausage, made from the Iberian pig, with paprika and garlic. As the ingredients are coarsely chopped, you can clearly distinguish the fat and the meat. The consistency is fairly soft, depending on the duration of the curing period which can last from 1 to 3 months.  The Chorizo is widely used in typical Spanish...

    4,50 €
  • Iberian acorn ham on bone Iberian acorn ham on bone
    Iberian Acorn Ham on Bone

    Whole Iberian acorn ham on bone.  From pigs grazing free range in Sierra de Huelva. Artesan and traditional cure during 34 months, Red label. This is truly the summit of culinary experience. Whole hams weigh between 7,5 and 9 kilos. The price is 42€ per kilo plus 10% IVA. Free delivery in Spain within 48 hours. At the moment this product is only...

    42,00 €


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